I wanted to share a little insight into the things that go through my head when shooting your wedding photos in order to achieve the best shots.


What weather should you hope for? I often get asked if I prefer sunshine or shade. 

My favourite, most flattering lighting is lots of even, natural light. If indoors this is ideally in front of a big window. When outside I usually opt for the shade. The shade creates lovely, even light which is quick to get great shots in. For most of my couples, getting their photos quickly is key. They want to get back to enjoying their wedding day.

So, if it is warm, overcast day you can pretty much shoot anywhere and get beautiful, evenly lit images. I don’t have to worry about harsh shadows or squinting. So this would be my preference.

Having said that, having some sunshine is an amazing addition to wedding photography. Although it is trickier to shoot in, it adds another dimension to the images. You have the option to shoot with backlight, lighting up the veil.

AND you have more chance of getting a sunset and getting to shoot at golden hour – which is my overall favourite time for shooting couple portraits. I would never leave the couple portraits until this time in case you don’t get the opportunity, but when you get the time to pop out and get shots it is amazing. Also, I find that the couples are really relaxed and enjoy this little photo session.



How do I pose and direct you? What can you do to look relaxed in your photos? 

I always picture Kate Middleton – her shots are mainly her looking away from the camera with a huge smile or a laugh. It would be ideal if my bride and groom walked around like this all day.

When shooting my couple portraits I can position your hands and direct you to look at each other. Ideally if you just interact, relax and talk, giggle and kiss it makes for great photos.

Lots of movement and motion is also great.

I usually ask you to do something with your hands.

Again back to Kate Middleton she has a cluch to hold, Harry buttons his jacket, Meghan with her bump – unfortunately for them with so many images taken it can look a bit obvious but it does work

The bride luckily has her bouquet to hold and the groom can put his hands in his pockets or cuddle up to the bride.

The overall goal is to look natural in the photos, even if you feel anything but!



What can the couple do to help create natural photos? 

Choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with, who can relax and encourage you. Try to remember that they are just photographs and even the pros get a few bad shots in there with their good ones – it really doesn’t matter. The more relaxed and happy you are, the more this will translate onto the camera.

I prefer to take the couple away to do their photos so that they don’t feel over looked. Sometimes it is nice to bring a bridesmaid or close friend along with you to give a helping hand and help create an encouraging atmosphere to shoot in.



‘We don’t want anything cringey or cheesy – it isn’t us’ 

I completely understand and respect if you say to me that you want real, natural photos – nothing cheesy. I won’t make you do piggy backs or jump in the air but please trust me. Sometimes I might ask you to do something that feels silly but it’s because from experience it can make a great photo. Within a few frames there might be two awkward shots then the third you capture a real laugh or exchange that you will love.