It is becoming more and more popular for the bride and groom to ask their guests to put their cameras and phones away; opting for an ‘unplugged wedding’.

As the photographer requesting that your guests don’t take photos is not something that I would do – it is your day and not mine to dictate the rules. However, if I am asked my opinion I suggest that during the ceremony and just after (coming out of the church or the confetti shot) that your guests just enjoy the moment, viewing it through their eyes and not the back of a screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love seeing guests taking photos and it makes a great photo for me. For instance in these which are at the more relaxed moments of the wedding.


Where it can be a disadvantage though are at the more formal parts of the day. For instance the ‘walking down the aisle’ photos. Like in this photo, I wouldn’t say that the photo is ‘ruined’ but in my opinion it would be nicer for the bride and groom to see the faces rather than the phones of their guests.

Also being a keen photographer myself, it is nice to be told to just live in the moment for a change. It takes away the urge to feel that you need to capture and document, because someone has decided for you. This is much more relaxing and also apparently you are more connected and remember a moment more clearly if you aren’t taking a photo.

Lastly, it can be annoying for the hired photographer, like myself. If there is a guest blocking the aisle or constantly stood over your shoulder, it can impact my ability to get the shots that you have hired me to get. Which isn’t ideal. Here are a few examples that I have seen.