The dreaded group photos, they don’t have to be boring..
Over the years I have noticed the posted family line up photos get fazed out in favour of ‘natural photos’. This is definitely something that I applaud because they take up a lot of time, are invariable quite stressful for the bride and groom and when the amount of people in a photo is more than about 8, the shots just feel a bit staged and pointless. Having said that, I know that some photographers refuse to shoot them at all and I feel that that is a shame.
As a wedding photographer I feel uneasy with all of the shots being ‘candid’ and natural because it leaves too much to chance. Without the direction of a photographer and the purpose of having some photos taken, it is unlikely that some shots will be taken; shots that you might miss afterwards.

So much can be done with angles and positioning. Also as guests, have fun with the photos, try to relax.

Take this set up…

Amongst this shot..
This moment might have been missed.